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defy_gravicons's Journal

Defy Gravicons - Elite Wicked Icons
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Welcome Defy Gravicons, an special community for those who make excellent Wicked and Wizard of Oz icons. Please read these rules before joining/posting.



1. Maintainers have the right to deny your icons as part of the elite. The purpose of this community was to find the best, and help them shine. Don't feel bad if you're not accepted. Just keep trying! If you'd like some tips or ideas, check out icon_tutorial. :)

2. Please post at least 3 icons. If posting more than three, please use an lj-cut. Check out this tutorial if you are unsure how to create a cut. Colourbars are also allowed, but we will not allow friends banners, headers, etc.

3. Icon requests can be made if pictures are provided. If asking a specific user for an icon, make sure you follow their requirements. Any icon makers have a right to decline your request. If you are granting a request, please post the icon in the comments of the request. No point is creating unnecessary posts.

4. ABSOLUTELY NO PAINT ICONS. All icons must be WELL MADE--hense the word "elite" in the description of this community. Again, check out icon_tutorial. :)

5. No Hate, Bashing, Rude, or Inappropriate Icons. If we feel your icon is inappropriate in any way, it will be deleted and you will be suspended (if deemed appropriate).

6. Absolutely NO harmful or rude comments should be made. Ever. If a user does something wrong, please politely point it out and END IT. if problems occur, please contact sidecar.

7. No off-topic posts, please. You should only be posting icons and requests.

8. Ideas, suggestions, comments, complaints, etc. should be sent to sidecar.


1. Membership is open to everyone.
2. Posting is restricted to those who have been deemed elite.
3. To get posting access, just post in this thread with an example of your work! You'll get approved/denied as soon as possible.
4. For examples, it would be prefered if you provided icons from the Wicked fandom, but any fandom will do.
5. Should you be denied, don't panic! We encourage you to try again. We are a bit tough, but we're fair.


Intrested in becoming an affiliate with Defy Gravicons? Please post a comment here, and we'll be happy to check you out! Any fandom or personal icon community/journal is welcome (personal icons are not preferred). Leave a link to us in your userinfo/affiliate post, and we'll be happy to link you back!