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I Need Help! [Sep. 8th, 2006|12:18 am]
Defy Gravicons - Elite Wicked Icons


[mood |working]

Hey Wicked Fans!

As I'm SURE you've noticed, I haven't been commited to this community at all. While I still love it and look forward to seeing new icons from the amazing talent here, I don't have the time to go through and approve people the way I'd like to.

Therefore, I'm looking for someone who's up to the responsibility as my [b]co-maintainer[/b]. If you are interested, please send me an EMAIL (accio.patronus@gmail.com) with the following information:

Length of D_I membership:

How long have you been making icons?:
In your opinion, what makes an icon "well-made?":

Please write a mock rejection note that you'd write to someone who applies with inadequate icons:

Please be aware that I am looking for NICE maintainers, but who aren't afraid of rejecting someone's application. Thank you in advance for any interest, and my sincere apologies for letting this community go to the crapper. I truly didn't intend for that to happen!